Methods To Help Potential Customers Overcome Their Objections

Imagine this… You’ve put in hundreds of hours of sweat and blood to create amazing products, long sales pages and draw massive traffic. You’ve finally managed to get your leads to listen to your pitch all the way down to the price tag and then for some reason, the fish don’t seem to bite.

You scratch your head and wonder what the heck just went wrong. This article will help you solve this issue. You see, the reason why interested buyers don’t end up buying after being pitched is because there is always something still holding them back from filling in their credit card details.

One of the common culprits is fear. For example, fear of investing in something that might or might not work out. Fear of being laughed at. Fear of not succeeding despite having the best tools in the market.

It’s essentially your job as a marketer to help your potential customers overcome these objections. But fear not! We’ve prepared a whole LIST of tools for overcoming objections that you can immediately use in this post:


Guarantees are vital for removing doubts of the prospect. Generally, the better and longer your guarantee period is, the higher your sales copy’s conversion will be.

Your Membership Is Backed By My…

“Take-It-To-The-Bank” 100% Guarantee For The

First, Full 12 Months Of Your New Membership.

I want you to be as confident as I am, and many of my members are. But just in case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make it foolproof for you. You see, I completely guarantee your satisfaction. Not for 30 days. Not for 90 days. Not even for 6 months. But for an entire year!

Let me be more specific. Here’s my 12-Month Guarantee…

I personally guarantee your satisfaction right down to the very last day of the first 12 months after your subscription starts! That’s a whole year! Here’s how it works…

Become a member today and listen to every recording, watch every video, read every article, access any of the resources and download every bonus… Right down to the very last day.

If at any time during those first 12 months you’re NOT completely convinced The Copy Doctor is worth the price of your subscription many times over, I want you to ask for your money back.

I’ll refund you for the entire membership fees you paid during your first year, on the spot. Fair enough?

Even if you don’t like it, return the package. My 100% Guarantee to You. And I will even put $1,000 of my own money on the line.

That sounds crazy right. You are going to absolutely adore this package. This is my life’s work and I put my heart, soul and my most prized and treasured information and secrets into this package for you.

However if for any reason you decide this is not right for you I want you to send it back and let me give you your money back.

Risk-Free Guarantee #1 — Get your copy of Hypnotic Selling Secrets today, try it out for 90 entire days, and if it doesn’t double your sales, optins or click throughs – or for any reason what so ever during that time you decide this is not right for you – I want you to send it back and let me give you a fast 100% refund.

Even BETTER Than Risk-Free Guarantee #2 — Get your copy of Hypnotic Selling Secrets today, use it for the next 90 days — watch the videos, read the manual, do the exercises, follow the Life-Long Learning Guide, and consistently apply this to your marketing for the next 90 days while documenting your before and after results.

If these Hypnotic Selling Secrets do not improve your results, earning you at least double what you paid, then I will not only refund your purchase, I will also give you $1,000 cash back out of my own pocket.

Why am I willing to risk so much? Because I believe so strongly in what this information can do for you. I have seen so many other people, just like you, dramatically improve their business in just a few short hours. You can do the same.

Here’s The Biggest Most Daring Guarantee

Ever Made In The History Of Marketing!

(It’s Also The Gutsiest Guarantee I’ve Ever Made. Where

You Either Walk Away With $25,000 Or It’s FREE!)

There is no one else in the business growth, marketing or personal achievement field has ever made the kind of daring offer that I’m about to. But first …

It’s vital that you know I’m asking you to pay only after you profit at this workshop. Ok, here’s how it works.

If by the end of the third day, you haven’t experienced at least four financial windfall ideas (worth $25,000 to $50,000 each) then I insist that you ask for your money back.

Frankly, if I haven’t delivered on my promise, then I’d be embarrassed to keep your money. I’m deadly serious. Either you make money from my teachings or you don’t pay. It’s that simple.

Now you might be wondering how I can afford to make such a powerful no-lose guarantee where 100% of the risk is on my shoulders and none is on yours. Well the truth is, it’s not really a big risk on my part. Because I’ve already had to do it at a much higher level and I’ve consistently delivered.

Here’s what I mean: When people pay me $25,000 to participate in my programs, they’re usually looking for a seven figure pay-off for themselves. And that’s exactly what I give them. So it’s no wonder why a high percentage of my past attendees keep enrolling in my programs, year after year.

So I’m sure you’ll agree, if I can consistently produce financial jackpots and cash flow bonanzas at my higher ticket programs (where the pressure is far greater) – then it would be incredibly easy for me to do the same, when attendees have paid much less.

And that means you. Yes you. At this workshop you’re investment to attend is just a tiny fraction of what I usually charge at my $25,000 a seat workshops. In fact, below is my official guarantee that you can print out and keep for your records.

My Famous “You Profit Or I Pay” Guarantee

Attend the workshop for 3 full days. Listen to every session, network with other attendees, take plenty of notes and ask all the questions you want.

If by the end of day 3, you don’t think that it was the most valuable workshop you’ve ever attended, then just approach one of the organizers and say “hey, I don’t think this seminar is for me, I’d like a refund”.

Next, you will be given a full ‘no questions asked’ refund on the spot (a check will be written out for you right then and there). Plus we will even include an additional $350 cash (that you can spend on your plane ticket back, or anything else you like) as our way of saying “thank you” for giving us a fair try. Now, we couldn’t possibly be any fairer than that, could we?

Don’t Say “Yes.” Just Say “Maybe” And Give

It a Risk-Free Test-Drive For a Full 99 Days!

I hate seeing the word “guarantee” everywhere. What is it supposed to mean? Just

words. Platitudes to get you to buy. So, I’m making you more than just a guarantee.

It’s a personal promise to you.

I honestly believe this is the most powerful, intensive yet easy-to-learn course currently available. I would want the ground to open and swallow me whole if I thought you were disappointed. So here’s the deal…

Enroll in the course today. Try it out for a full 99 days. Pull it, twist it, take notes, mark up your copy, and apply what you learn. If you feel it really wasn’t worth the investment, just return the product, and I will deposit your payment right back into your account the very same day if possible…

It’s my 99-day — that’s more than 3 whole months! — risk-free, love-it-or-leave-it, full money-back personal promise.

So don’t wait a second more!

Only the next 230 “early birds” get this package. Click here to enroll right NOW!

However, don’t order it with the intention of just skimming it over and returning it.

That’s not fair to either of us. I’m confident that these strategies will absolutely work for you — if you apply them and put them to the test. But don’t order if you aren’t going go through the material or implement any of the strategies.

Let’s face it, if you’re NOT going to seriously test & apply these simple but powerful techniques, and give our course an honest and fair evaluation (or return it in 2 days) – then you’re probably not the type of trader who will be successful anyway.

But if you are serious about improving your trading, and really want to give yourself an unfair advantage in the markets, then now is the time to orderClick here to get

your copy!

Now here’s how your guarantee works: Watch the tape. Let the lesson “sink in”

as you watch. You can do a little practice, if you like (it’s not required). For most golfers, the season is pretty much over this month because most courses are closed.

Doesn’t matter.

Use what you’ve learned when you do go out the nextime. You aren’t under any time limit at all. (Darrell says learning this now, before the actual next spring season starts, will allow these secrets to “cook” inside you… so when you do use them, they will just be there, like “magic”, all settled and cozy in your mind. He says this is really the best way to do it.)

Now if you DON’T break 90… on the very next round of golf you shoot, or on any round after that… then I insist you send the tape back to me (with your scorecard)… and I will rush you (by return mail) this crisp new $50 dollar bill. No time limit – take all season (and the next one, too, if you like) to make sure the lesson “sticks”.

That means, if you choose… your entire “secret” lesson will be FREE… and… you’ll get a nice CASH BONUS on top. Right out of my wallet… and into yours.

You don’t risk a penny giving this amazing breakthrough in low scoring a “look see” yourself… not a penny. In fact, because I’m sending you $50.00 back, you’re actually coming out way ahead. Just for trusting me a little bit… and taking one measly hour to see what all the fuss is about.

Listen: my way works! In fact, if it doesn’t work (it will) you better see a doctor and get your thyroid checked. But don’t kid yourself. It’s not your thyroid. No, your only problem is you are not using “Larry’s Way”! If you do use it, you’ll get skinny and that’s it. Period. Now, let’s suppose you order “Larry’s Way” and, after reading my report, you decide you don’t even want to try my secret. Well, in that case, you are a very silly person, but even so, all you have to do is return it and I will send back 100% of what you paid. And what happens if you do follow my plan and you don’t lose all your excess weight? Personally, I think that it is almost impossible but, if it should happen, I want you to get checked out by a M.D. and if he says there’s nothing wrong with you…

I’ll Give You Double Your Money Back!

Okay, that’s it. Now you know what’s in the product, how it works and what other people (including three doctors!) have to say about this amazing weight loss breakthrough. You also have my ironclad, legally binding personal and corporate guarantee that I will give you an immediate refund of every penny you paid if, after 30 days, you have not experienced a safe and very dramatic loss to of excess body fat.

Here’s how you can read my book and try my diet without any financial risk at all. Go ahead and order my book by mail. Keep it 30 days and read it and check it out. And if you’re unhappy with it, send it back and I’ll return your payment to you quietly without question.

If you’re extra sceptical I suggest you post date your check or money order by 30 days. I promise to guarantee I will not deposit it for at least that amount of time. And if you decide to return my book I will send back your uncashed check or money order with no questions asked

Triple Your Energy In 60 Days Or… Your Money Back!

This means if you are not overjoyed with this formula, you can return it for a full 60 days and receive your money back without any questions or hassles. However, I bet you won’t do that. If you’re like most people who try this formula, you will experience so much energy and better health that you will never want to stop taking it!

Will this book help you? Will it help you make sure that you are one of the taxpayers that does not get cheated? Here’s how you can find out without any risk at all.

Go ahead and order the book by mail. Start reading as soon as you get it. In the first five minutes if you don’t find out a way to get a surprise government check for a least $500, you can send the book back and the publisher will return your payment to you quietly and without question.

If you’re extra sceptical, you can post your check or money order by 30 days. If you do this, the publisher promises and guarantees not to deposit it for at least that amount of time. Then, if you decide to return the book, the publisher will send back your uncashed check or money order with no questions asked. Have fun doing ____ and you will have a full 8 weeks to decide whether this information is for you. If it isn’t, you can get a prompt and courteous refund, and you’ve lost nothing.

Either you become ____ or I will demand you get a full refund immediately. You have 56 days to decide.

I’m completely confident acting now because I also have almost 8-weeks 100% money-back guarantee to back me up! If I don’t ___ by then, I’ll get back every single penny I invested. On this basis, let me have this now!

100% Money-Back Guarantee: Try out ___ for 8 weeks. If you are not satisfied with ____ in any way within those 56 days, just let me know. I’ll send you a complete refund, no questions asked. The risk is on me to deliver, and you to apply.

If you feel for any reason my product does not over-deliver every single benefit you have read on this page, return it within 56 days and I will promptly refund every single penny of your purchase price. No questions asked!

Use it for 8 weeks. If you aren’t thrilled with the results, and don’t feel it’s worth many times what you paid, I’ll refund 100% of your money for any reason, no questions asked.

GUARANTEE: If the _____ is not everything that we say it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, then we will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked.

100% Money-Back Guarantee insist that you order _____ entirely at my risk. That’s why this collection comes with a Risk-Free, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. There’s absolutely NO RISK on your part.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee: Your success in using _____ is completely guaranteed. In fact, here’s my 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-it-To-The-Bank Guarantee: Your satisfaction is assured through my no risk, you-can’t-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked, my word is my bond money-back guarantee. If for any reason, you aren’t thrilled and satisfied with your purchase, just contact me within _____ days and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

“Better-Than-100%-Money-Back and TRIPLE Risk-Free Guarantee…”

You see, I absolutely refuse to have any unhappy customers.

Therefore I reserve the right to refund your money to you if for any reason whatsoever you are not completely thrilled with information and techniques you receive.

“Triple-Guarantee #1…”

If you don’t think this package is right for you, for whatever reason, just contact me within _____ DAYS, let me know that you’d like a refund and we’ll cheerfully refund your money in full — no hassles and no hard feelings.

“Triple-Guarantee #2…”

Use the strategies, techniques and concepts revealed in this package for _____ MONTHS, and if you aren’t _____, contact me for a prompt and full refund — and we’ll know it wasn’t right for you.

“Triple-Guarantee #3…”

Use the strategies, techniques and concepts revealed in this package, and if you don’t think this is the best money you ever invested in your own _____, just let me know and your money is right back to you — because if you’re not absolutely thrilled with the results you get, I insist on refunding your money.

And if for whatever reason you do ask for a refund, you can still keep the _____, and keep all the bonus _____ too.

“You risk nothing — the risk is all mine…”

A Better Than Risk-free Guarantee

If you purchase _____ today, I will give you a full ninety (90) days to read it through, test out the tips and strategies, and see if you feel I have delivered on my promises. If, for any reason whatsoever (you can tell me your dog ate it), you want your money back at any time, you can just send me an email or give me a call and say _____, please refund my money. There will be no questions asked and no hard feelings. You money will be returned within _____.

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed. Remember our Bullet-Proof, No-Questions-Asked, 90-Day, Money-Back Guarantee.

I am so confident that _____ will more than pay for itself, that I’m offering a 90-Day, money-back guarantee.

I don’t care what the reason is, if you aren’t 100% excited and satisfied with the purchase of this _____, I don’t want your money! Just let me know within 90-Days and I’ll refund every penny.

At _____, we want you to be a happy long-term customer. We always operate honestly and openly. That’s why we _____, and we always welcome any questions or concerns you may have.

If within the first _____ days, you want a refund for your purchase, we will happily oblige.

Here’s a list of powerful words and phrases to help convince your customers and make that last minute sale:

  • -Consider this
  • If you would contemplate
  • -Just think
  • Think about all the _________ you can get with our ______
  • Let me show you
  • In the grand scheme of things
  • Look at the big picture
  • Don’t think, don’t wonder, just try us out.
  • We will shoulder the risk of your purchase for you for the nexy 90 days
  • If you don’t succeed, we’ll  buy the product back from you
  • 100% satisfaction of your money back
  • Test drive _____________ for the next 90 days
  • You have absolutely nothing to lose
  • We fully back our offer with our money back guarantee charter
  • Give us a chance to help you out
  • It’s your success or your money back
  • Try us risk free for the next 10 days
  • If you like it, you can remain a member
  • We understand you might think it’s risky, that’s why we’re letting you try it out first
  • Don’t just take our word for it
  • Here’s what others say about us
  • If they can do it, so can you
  • We hope to see your testimonial on this page too
  • More than worthwhile
  • Get everything you need for one price
  • Indulge in…
  • Aren’t you worth it?
  • This investment will pay you off continuously in years to come
  • It would have cost you more if you…
  • Incomparable

Overcoming Objections: Post Scripts

Post- scripts (P.S.) can give you the final leverage you need to close that sale. Split-test studies have shown that the use of Post Scripts can help increase conversions on sales pages.  You can use a combination of either one, two or down to 3 post scripts at the end of the sales page. Use these amazing postscripts to nudge your customers to take action:

Don’t forget to check out the 1 year live test authenticated by the broker! The system works like a charm. Like a GPS navigator in your car, it detects the short term market movement with 99% probability!

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This offer will be available at this special promotion price for a limited time only. I reserve the right to increase the sale price at any time without warning or notice.

Remember there is absolutely no reason for you to leave empty handed. You can take advantage of my 100% Risk Free Offer and begin trading my exclusive penny stock picks today!

If you are not earning profits within 8 weeks of trading, I will return 100% of your membership fee no questions asked.

Please don’t put this off, every minute that passes drastically increases the chance of your slot being taken by another individual. Because once the limited number of positions are filled, it’s over and you’ve missed out. Period

Test drive ____ today while there’s still time!

I have no idea when I’ll pull this from the market, but I do know it won’t last forever. If you want it, please don’t wait. Click the ‘Add To Cart’ button now.

There’s zero risk to you if you want to give my system a try. That’s all I ask. Grab a copy and start using it to make real, spendable cash. Opportunities like this are rare, so jump on this one while you have a chance! Click the ‘Add To Cart’ button now to order…

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Give me 5 Days And You Might Make $300 – Or Your Money Back. Simply fill in the blanks… and you’re done in under an hour, without entering any confusing code or mind numbing research – even if you’ve never used a computer for anything more than email.

If you aren’t 100% sure this powerful system can work for you, grab this 100% risk-free test-drive to get you started…

One more thing.. our script can make you money today, not in 30 days, not in 4 weeks, but now. as in A.S.A.P.

Remember… this isn’t about the same old ‘techniques’ or ‘instructions’ you’ve read about so many times before… you’ve just seen me PROVE this software INSTANTLY generates tons of genuine traffic that stuffs your accounts with profits.

Don’t forget. Your new recurring income stream can be profitable as early as today…And of course, if it doesn’t work out for any reason, you pay nothing!

It’s impossible to lose here…unless you walk away empty handed.

Still here? I guess you just like to read… but you’d be much better off reading the first steps of the Deadbeat Superaffiliate course right now… and being that much closer to your first $3,000 month.

The bottom line is… you’re at an important crossroads here… and you really have just two choices if you’re at all serious about “making it” in affiliate marketing this year.

Still didn’t click? Did I mention that these websites produce big, fat commissions for you too?

There’s also a proof of income that I’d like to show you on the website with glowing testimonials from our members. You owe it to yourself to at least check it out.

Just imagine… NO big books to read and no expensive writing services. Now you can use the new Amazing Cover Letter Creator. You are moments away from having a PERSONAL, powerful “amazing cover letter” ready in just a few minutes to mail or e-mail — for any job position — any career situation — right from the comfort of your home.

They’re so sure that this will slash your power bill, that they’re even offering an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee!!

P.S. You can start _____ right after you order because you will receive instant access to _____!

All it takes is a few clicks and you are on your way to _____. Get in while you can!

PS – Don’t wait any longer! _____ and _____ is just around the corner. _____ before your competitors do!

P.S. If you’ve never bought _____ before, don’t worry, it’s easy. The _____ is simply _____.

Once you have it, you can _____. We provide very straight forward and explicit directions on how to do this, and if you have any trouble at all in the process, we will help you through it!

P.S. You could search the Internet, read articles, scour bookstores and do your best to find and speak with _____. Or you can download everything you need, right now, today.

Click the button below now to place your order and get started.

P.S. How much is it worth to you to have a proven system that works…including a complete _____? Where else will you find someone who was willing to stand up and PROVE their system worked…in front of a crowd of people? Sure, anyone can claim they know how to _____ while they hide behind their _____. It’s another story to prove it live.

Take action today and you can be on your way to _____ success by applying the _____.

P.S. Remember, we guarantee at least _____ in the first _____ days after using our service. Make sure to have your _____ ready – so we can prove to you that our service actually works!

P.S. EXTRA BONUS: Order now and I’ll also include my special list of “_____”! If you want to _____, then this information is “Must Read” info! (This info will be included on the

Confirmation Page – once you’ve ordered.)

P.S. Remember this is a TIME SENSITIVE OFFER. I can only *guarantee* you’ll get these special bonuses and reduced price of only $_____ if you order by _____.

P.S. EXTRA BONUS: In addition to getting the _____, you will also get the _____ that has never seen the light of day until now. This _____ will totally change the way you _____.

P.S: And the Best is yet to come: As a _____, you can _____, for the lowest rates anywhere on the Internet … Guaranteed!!

P.S: I will never ask you to judge us on our own words; You might find all your answers by checking what others say about our _____ in the TESTIMONIALS page … You will be delighted!!

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