Improving Conversions with Emotional Triggers and Good Closer

This article is dedicated to helping you create high converting salesletters. It has everything from benefits, scarcity factors to emotional triggers.

Stating the benefits of your products over others is vital in convincing your customers why they should choose your product over others. It also tells them how your product can help them solve their existing problems or fill in any gaps they might have.

Scarcity is an important psychological skill for convincing people to take action. Human beings have the tendency to procrastinate and if you don’t give them a compelling reason to take action, they won’t.

People buy thinks out of emotion, not logic. If you want your customers to heed your commands, you’ll have to learn to tap into their emotions using words of phrases known as emotional triggers.

Improving Conversions: Examples

  • Never released
  • Newly released
  • Brand new launch
  • On the house
  • Zero cost
  • Free of charge
  • $0.00
  • All yours to keep
  • A gift for you for signing up
  • As a bonus incentive, you get ________ just for _______
  • This is valued at ______ but you’ll get it for FREE
  • This would have easily sold for ______ but for a limited time only, it’s yours FREE
  • Bonus
  • Giving away
  • I’m also throwing in
  • If you act now, you will also get
  • At no extra cost
  • No additional charge
  • Here are your bonuses
  • I’ll reward you with ______ for taking action now
  • You’ll also get
  • I’m saving the best for last
  • Half price
  • Wholesale price
  • Lock your spot at $90 off
  • For the next 48 hours, you can get 90% off
  • Secure your copy now for _____
  • Act now while it’s at its lowest price
  • Rebate
  • Only through this link
  • Huge savings when we cut our prices
  • Blowout sale
  • Why pay more>
  • More for less
  • Can help you explode your income
  • Boost your profits
  • Skyrocket your sales
  • Double your income
  • Become an ATM machine
  • Step-by-step formula
  • Get paid to _________
  • Make money on autopilot
  • Laugh your way to the bank
  • Financial freedom
  • Become a printing press
  • Affordable
  • Low cost
  • Dirt cheap
  • More value for money
  • Save more
  • Maximum value at minimum cost
  • Get all for the price of one
  • Everything for one low price
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs
  • Save time on
  • Help you leverage
  • Save money, time and effort
  • Let us do the work so you don’t have to
  • Fire your boss
  • Go for a free vacation
  • Pay your bills in time
  • Buy without looking at the price tag
  • Keep the debt collectors away
  • Tax free income
  • Write your own cheques
  • Work anytime, anywhere you wish
  • Lightning speed
  • In a blink of an eye
  • Overnight
  • Now
  • Instantly
  • From this moment on
  • Starting today
  • Simple
  • Easy
  • Your grandparents can do it
  • Don’t have to be a rocket scientist
  • Straight forward
  • User friendly
  • Quick and easy
  • Convenient
  • Level the playing filed
  • Push the button
  • In an instant
  • Even if you’re a newbie
  • No technical skills required
  • In a few easy steps
  • No brainer
  • Takes no effort
  • So darn simple
  • Time tested
  • Proven
  • Timeless
  • Classic
  • Certified
  • Safe to use
  • Durable
  • Solid
  • Robust
  • Premium
  • Unrivalled
  • Only the best
  • Renowned
  • Highly celebrated
  • Elite
  • Legendary
  • Amazing
  • Unbelievable
  • Superb
  • Top ranking
  • Incredible
  • Ultra-class
  • Marketable Words: Scarcity Factor
  • Before its gone forever
  • Seats will be sold out anytime soon
  • Only limited copies available
  • Rare copies
  • Flying off the shelf
  • Selling out fast
  • This happens once in a lifetime!
  • When the counter reaches 0, this page will be gone forever
  • Your competitors will be reading this too
  • Secure your copy before time runs out
  • After that, this offer will be removed forever
  • For the next 72 hours only
  • This offer ends in 72 hours
  • For a limited time only
  • 90(stroked out) 76copies left
  • Get it now before its too late
  • It won’t be up for long
  • Selling fast
  • It’s now or never
  • Time waits for no man
  • Time is a factor
  • This won’t last forever
  • Don’t wait anymore
  • I don’t know if I can put this up much longer
  • Running out of time
  • This is scarce
  • Once in a blue moon
  • Never gonna happen again
  • Hard to come by
  • You’ll never see it again


Every beginning has an end. You’ve worked hard creating solid products, generating traffic and building your list. You’ve recruited JVs and partners and let hundreds of people to your sales page…

You have successfully pitched the benefits of your products and shown how it can solve the problems of your followers. Now all that is left is the final and most important component of any sales page or piece of online content is the closer or call to action.

A good closer or call to action will be able to help you seal the deal with your customers and create a life-long bond with them.

In this section of the article, you will be able to tap into a myriad of examples of powerful closers that will greatly improve the conversions of your sales pages.

The Closers

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