Eye-Catching Openings and Headlines For Your Business

The opening or headline of your content – whether blog posts, emails or sales pages, is perhaps the most important component of all.

A good opener has the ability to catch your prospects attention and turn them into life-long customers. You can have all the best products in the world but if your opening title does not catch their attention, it will all be for nothing.

This article deals with openers for every single marketing component of your business. Quickly! Use these powerful sentences to crush your competition:

Opening Words

  • Attention: Have you…
  • Attention: Calling all…
  • This is NOT for…
  • Warning!
  • Did you get this?
  • How To…
  • Who Else Wants To…
  • An open letter to…

Introducing The Offer

I’m going to reveal to you a system that is simple to learn and easy to trade even by complete newbie, and moreover, the system that will take you maximum 10 minutes a day giving you consistent profits month by month.

Does it sound too good to be true? I admit, it seems too good, but I will prove it.

 -This is the most common rebuttal I hear from my skeptics. Most people don’t believe it’s possible to make SERIOUS money with ____. These people are absolutely nuts! On the chart above I showed you the results I achieved in…

…just a 30 day time period. All with ____

-I am also going to reveal to you how you can easily duplicate our system and make at least $100,000+ in your very first year of trading!”

So that, by the time you finish reading this page, you can get started TODAY and make some serious amount of cash trading stocks without any technical knowledge or any previous stock market experience.

In fact, if you just follow my technique, then I guarantee you will be able to turn…

-I thought it was just one-time thing and I just got lucky, but I decided to investigate this method a little bit further and see if this could become a long term income generator.

So I went to work and started testing this method for varies niche markets to see if I can repeat what I have just experienced with my first run with it.

The results shocked me.

Now I’m finally able to reveal it to the world… 

-This proven system allows YOU, with expert help, to create a turn key business and start making money online in minutes … and I literally mean minutes!

But as you near the end of this letter, you need to know that this program has gained some popularity recently and the company has decided to limit.

the number of new people coming in, so that they can still offer personal help to a manageable group.

So you need to reply now if you’re interested. As of right now, January 13, 2011 , I don’t know how long I will leave this webpage up…

So I urge you NOT to even leave this page if you want to start making money with us. Like I said, I may take it down at any moment.

-Yes, it’s going to WORK, whether I do or not, and I’m going to work hard at it because of the results I see every day…

I need a bomb-proof, bulletproof, recession proof income that’s going to stay steady, and grow when I want it to.

-Have you ever imagined yourself as a millionaire – only to think “No, it couldn’t happen to me”?

Believe it or not, most people – myself included, until a few years ago – carry with them a deep rooted fear of success. In some cramped, dark part of themselves, a place so deep and hidden they may not even know it exists, everyday normal people are absolutely horrified of succeeding because – and this is the Gospel truth – they don’t feel they deserve to succeed.

Are you with me? Then let’s roll…

-Let me ask you this…”What if this software generated one-hundredth of what it’s generated for us, for you… would it would be the most important, lucrative investment you ever made?”

Come and learn more below

-I guess by now you must be wondering…

“So, what is the system?” Well, first up, let me tell you what it isn’t a scam, it’s a unique System Takes Five Minutes To Set Up One Time Only – And Then Needs No Further Input As It Turns Clicks Into Cash… And Shovels The Profits Into Your Accounts

-“Dear Friend,

I have no idea if we’ve ever met, but I do know these three things about you.

1. You’re frustrated because you’re not making the kind of money you know you deserve. You’re working too hard, too long, and with little financial return.

2. You’re sick and tired of wasting time and money on promotions that produce little or no results. You want to take the guess work, uncertainty and ambiguity out of business success and learn what really works today.

3. You want to learn the most effective, high-potent and powerful marketing strategies that are guaranteed to increase the sales, income and profits of your specific business.

If you answered “”yes”” to any of the statements above, then there’s only one place you should be on August 12, 13 and 14th.”

-Can you taste the freedom you’re about to experience?

This is real. This is what we have for you today.

Only a small group of fast movers who jump on this opportunity before the rest will ever see it firsthand. I know you’re wondering how much your investment is going to be for software like this because there’s never been anything like it before. I guarantee that. You’re probably wondering how much you’re going to have to invest to get your hands on it.

-Now you’re ready to start “populating” your sites with articles – and fortunately there are some ultra-lazy hacks and shortcuts for getting all this writing done FAST… and making sure it converts like crazy the first time around so you never have to touch it again.

I’ll show you…

-If you have any sort of content on the web, then you need to listen up, because you’re going to learn about the most advanced ____ that I have ever seen.

This tool is called ___, available here:

-So let me ask you a question?

What if you could find a ton of people quickly to deposit from $0.00 or $112.58 to $2,330.19, $2,435.85 or even $3,508.66 a day to your account? What if you could copy and paste ‘simple’ links and have countless number of people pay you those amounts every week, like clockwork?

But first … have you tried any of those traffic generation techniques I’ve mentioned above? Did any of them ever work in your favour?

Well that’s about to change drastically … once you get your hands onto this software.

-Are you ready to use this *BRAND NEW* software to generate absurd amounts of traffic with minimum amounts of work?? Then click the *Add To Cart* button below and get started immediately.

-My Total Profit Plan has been helping many achieve their dreams of financial freedom and making a real, decent living online.

So in the spirit of the Holiday Season, TODAY ONLY, I’m going to reduce the price for these money-making sites to the incredibly low price of just $1!

This special gift could have you making earnings like this in a single day! Would that help with your New Year’s Goals?

-As crazy as it sounds – you can get money-making websites for just 2 cents a piece! The best part? You don’t have to do any “tech” stuff, writing, designing, or even pay for hosting. These sites are ready, and waiting for you, ready to earn within 5 minutes!

Check it out for yourself!

-Finding it hard to believe how such a machine could work? Learn more by reading the letter below!

Our easy-to-follow guide will show you how to construct the ____, which will run infinitely and create ____.

-Did you know that ____ can benefit you by ___ ?That’s when I decided to develop this guide. Keep reading to see what we have put together for you.

-Would you like to…

• Escape the rat race and tell your boss to take a hike?

• Live almost anywhere in the world you’d like?

• Get out of debt and leave money worries behind?

• Work less, play more and be free to travel?

• Make money 7 days a weeks, even while you sleep?

Does this sound too good to be true? Impossible even? We realize this might sound so extravagant, you’ll be tempted to dismiss it as hype. But we urge you to read on. You’re going to see that what we’re about to tell you is quite simple to master, and extremely profitable.”

-Now, think about this… If there are free electricity options for your home, then why are you forking out up to $6,000 per year to power your home?

I’ll tell you why. Because the Government and your Local Power Company are in business together to rob you of your hard-earned cash and use your money for their personal benefit.

-You are just a few minutes away from learning the most powerful natural penis enlargement techniques available anywhere in the world. Forget about expensive and ineffective rip-offs such as pills, pumps, weights and surgery.

We are going to show you the ONLY way that will GUARANTEE you the extra inches you have always wanted!

-If you are looking for a sure-fire way to _____ by _____, then this may be the most important letter you’ve ever read…

Regardless of what you are marketing on the internet, the _____ is the ONLY _____ you need to _____.

It’s no secret. If you’ve _____ longer than one day, then you’ve found out one universal truth…

-“Dear Friend,

In just a moment, I hope to make you so angry you’ll want to throw a dumbbell right through the wall.

What I have to tell you involves the scandal that’s been going on in body building nutritional supplements today. It’s a scandal that – – if your like most guys I know – – is cheating you out of good money and (worse!) robbing you of some serious gains and major results you should be getting from your workouts.”

-If you want _____, _____, a better _____, or just love to _____ and _____ gurus, then you’re going to fall in love with this website!…

-Suppose you were told the whole truth about _____ that could unlock the _____ gates and _____.

-Did you know that if you _____ incorrectly your _____ could be _____ from _____?

-“Get up! Get up! Get up!”

Those were the words I woke up to every morning in _____. It’s funny, but even thinking about that now fills me with energy and makes me ready to face the day.

-If you’re sick of _____ or settling for barely _____ with your _____, I have good news for you:

-Welcome! You’ve clicked on our site because you know that the most powerful way to _____ is to _____. Plus, you’ve recognized that the most affordable AND powerful way to do that is to ensure your _____ achieves a _____.

-If you want the _____ independence and _____ from _____, the satisfaction and prestige that comes from _____, and if you want to do it while you’re still *young* enough to enjoy it… then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

-If you’d like to unearth the best-kept secrets of _____, _____, and even _____, keep your eyes glued to this page. You won’t find this insider information anywhere else on the Web, Why? Because the _____ industry doesn’t want you to find out. If everybody knew these secrets it would cost the industry millions of dollars in lost _____!

-If you are looking for a good way to _____ that really works – and I will prove it to you in a moment – then please read this message very carefully. It will be the most important information you read all year.

_____ provides _____ for your _____ that are _____.

-If you’re sitting in traffic when you would rather be home studying, our _____ are for you. Listen to our material while you commute to work and learn _____. There is a lot of material to remember in order to _____. Use your sense of hearing to help you retain the material.

-If you’ve ever struggled with _____, you’re in the right place. And I’m here to help you. That’s because I’ve developed a powerful new _____ that will make your life a lot easier.

-There are numerous ways to _____. And… because there are so many different ways to do this many new _____ are totally overwhelmed with _____ information.

-Would you like to _____? How about _____? Learn from someone who has had over _____ years of experience in the _____ business. Honest straight forward techniques to get you started easily. Learn the _____ trade secrets needed to _____ in this dynamic industry. You can _____ and begin _____ right away. Or you can use the information to simply _____.

-The _____ is the result of _____ from more than _____ _____ from a _____ of the industry.

In the next _____ minutes I am going to show you some amazing facts about _____. By the end of this letter you will know exactly how you can _____.

-“Dear Friend,

Would you like a brand new car?

Would you like it despite your credit, your work status, or the amount of money in your bank?

Would you like to almost magically manifest it?

If so, keep reading…”

-“This is not some course or e-book. It’s unlike anything you may have seen before. It’s a fast and easy way to accelerate your copywriting, boost your response and crank up your sales… Even if you can’t write to save your life!”

-“If you want to “fast track” your way to becoming a cash-rich Internet marketer… this will… without doubt… be the most electrifying message you’ll ever read!

Here’s why:”

-“If you’ve ever ever wanted to make money on the internet, but you have no product, no computer skills, little money and zero experience, then this will be the most important letter you’ll ever read. But first …

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably …

• Bought every “”how to make money on the internet”” program under the sun. Only to find out that almost all of them are a complete waste of time and money.

• Become sick and tired of all the gurus telling everyone how easy it is to “”get rich overnight”” especially when you’ve been trying for years with little or no results!

• Been given advice from so-called “”experts”” that either flat out didn’t work or produced pathetic results. Obviously they keep their best secrets to themselves!

Bottom line is this: If you’ve tried to make money on the internet before … but failed miserably — then stay here and read this letter, because I’ve got some great news for you!”

-“If you would like to be a woman that nearly all men… just can’t resist, this is going to be the most important message you will ever read. Here is why: Let’s face it… almost any woman can get a man to have sex with her. You don’t have to be pretty. You don’t have to be sexy. You don’t have to have a great body. Basically, you just have to be a woman who will say “”yes”” and thousands of men will have sex with you.


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