Bullet Points You Can Use To Dominate Your Market

Your bullet point content forms the “meat” of any piece of content such as your squeeze page, email or opt-in page. Bullet points have to ability to deliver information accurately in a concise manner and get the main message across.

Here’s a few great things you can do with bullet points:

  • Convey benefits
  • Give reasons
  • Excite your audience
  • Grab people’s attention
  • Get people to take action

Do you see its power yet? That’s why we’ve dedicated a WHOLE article to bullet points which you can use to dominate your market. With these chunk of ideas, you’ll never run out of marketing juice to turn your prospects into hungry customers…

Tap into this new “ammo” now! ☺  

The Bullets

-The step-by-step, copy and paste techniques used by the world’s most successful, underground $500/day affiliates – some borrowed, some “stolen” – all gold, and the surest path to join them in the world of financial freedom.

-The single most powerful secret in the affiliate marketing game – my clout and position gave me one-on-one, closed door access to the game’s most ruthless, profiteering affiliates

-The _____of _____ – all of which you can adapt to your own _____. Discover the easiest and most guaranteed way that you can _____ for your_____ – enjoy a lifetime of _____!

-The one skill that propelled me from losing $10,000 to now pulling in up to $2000 in a single day — without a product launch.

-A complete, no holds barred, step-by-step guide at putting together a money making blog in the least amount of time. I’ll show you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

-A complete _____ hindsight view at throwing together _____, keeping _____, and _____ in the least amount of time. I’ll show you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Think how much

_____this alone could _____.

-A list of powerful no-cost or low-costs tools to practically put your income-generating efforts on auto-pilot! No need for super expensive or fancy software needed to start building your own Blog Money Making empire!

-The truth about how many calories you really need daily, weekly, etc whether your goal is fat loss or muscle building.

-Why crunches, sit-ups, and leg raises have almost nothing to do with getting a flat stomach and ripped abs.

-How you’ve been working like clockwork for the 5,10, 20, even 30 years making someone else rich BUT not you.

-Revolutionary new _____that you can use to easily generate _____of _____ in your sleep, and where you can get _____.

-How to _____on the Web astonishingly fast – and _____

-Why you could just be one pay check away from financial disaster!

-5 steps you can take right now to get out of the rat race!

-Zero In On The Most Lucrative Niches In Minutes.

-Declare Your Independence From Programmers As You Discover How You Can Set Up Your Own Blog In Minutes And Update Your Blog In A Flash.

-You’ll discover how to use ‘Elance’ to attract huge numbers of clients in record time and which FIVE techniques will allow you to stand out from the crowd and successfully swipe all the business from under the noses of the cheap offshore SEO companies.

-How to decide _____ for your _____. I’ll show you how I _____ in a _____ period with a _____than I would have done for _____ — with the same _____!

-Slip these _____ before your _____ — and people will feel compelled to do exactly what you say. Master _____ emotional triggers that will arouse your _____ inner _____ .

-Where you can get a juicy slice of many $800,000 niche markets almost nobody knows about…

-How to Effortlessly Create Freeware (And Shareware) Applications Even if You Have NO

Programming Skills

-Let’s say you’re just starting out, you have $150 a month spare to put into your business. Which route are you going to go with?

-Dominate your_____ with_____ that surround _____ with an invisible field of magnetism that very few people can resist.

– Learn the greatest hypnotic secret ever revealed – this is _____ that is absolutely indispensable as you embark on your _____

-Brainstorming niches — and a list of 17 “desperate buyer” words to use when you use Google to do your research…Using the automated method I have developed you simply pick how much revenue you want to earn, copy and paste a few things, and sit back and relax.

-Why You Should Almost Never Use Joint Tenancy To Own Your Assets!

-Own _____seductive _____ that will pull _____ directly into your _____.

-_____ hidden commands that are so good, _____won’t even realize you are secretly commanding them.

-The Amazingly Simple Steps You Must Take Now To Avoid Wasting Thousands Of Dollars In

Needless Legal Expenses Later On!

-78% Of The TOP Salespeople Shared The EXACT Same Values!

-You don’t need to create your own website…

-You don’t need to create a product!

-How to get _____ of other people _____for you in just a matter of _____ without spending one red cent!

-An easy-to-setup,_____ for _____to draw _____like honey attracts flies.

 Learn _____unforeseen _____ that will mysteriously _____without your prospects realizing it.

-You don’t need to build a list of customers…

-There is ABSOLUTELY NO SELLING involved!

-Why it PAYS to lose money in order to acquire a customer… and how you can control the number of customers you get – and why you might even have to TURN CUSTOMERS AWAY!

-How to use _____, _____ or a combination of several psychological triggers to double _____of your existing _____

-How to boost your conversion rates by up to 30-50%!

-The best FREE tools that ALWAYS prove to be the missing piece of the puzzle for struggling affiliates…

-Just imagine the size of opt-in mailing lists you could build in a HOT markets when you can rank your “squeeze page” at the top of the hottest keywords in your niche…

-The quickest way to overtake everyone else and jump straight in to the #1 search engine position before your competition even knows what’s happening.

-Need more money? Fancy a new car or a luxury vacation? Just Optimize another new site, and sit back as the revenue comes pouring in. This is money on demand!

-How to Eliminate eczema without the use of medication

-Unleash your body’s natural ability to heal itself from all skin complaints!

-Enjoy more free time by knowing how many competitors are bidding on YOUR keywords, so you know exactly which ones are going to make you the most money.

-Tap into the goldmine of new markets around the world by viewing Google data in over a dozen countries… all with a click of a button!

-Slam your opposition in the search engines and start earning your adsense profits in just a few short weeks as you discover the secrets of successful on-page SEO.

-Feel the pleasure of seeing your bank balance rise literally while you sleep by learning how you can line up a whole years worth of content and then just let it run itself!

-If you want to make more income, work less, and have an enjoyable retirement, you must start creating income streams that DO NOT require your direct involvement.

-Get instant access to professionally designed turnkey businesses that are proven to work

-Earn 100% of the profits and keep 100% of the customer list you generate

-Never have to worry about copy writing, product creation, affiliate promotion or anything like that, ever again.

-Which Social Media site drove over 400,000 unique visitors to a website within just 3 hours ?

-Exposed! The exact three-step process that took her only five minutes to do, that brought in the 20,000 new visitors to my website

-15 baby sleep tricks you haven’t tried yet

-How you can tell he’s in a marrying mood

-Automatically_____all of your _____!

-20 beauty cheapies for under $10

– Plain women who attract men — what have they got?

-The two most important goals of home security! (not one person in 1000 in this country even has a clue how to “secure” their own home!)

-Get happy! Ditch the five things that drag every woman down

-Trying for a boy? A girl? How science can help

-How to permanently lock your mind into “survival mode”… so you’ll never be surprised by trouble

-You don’t know it, but you are probably _____ (right now!) ten ways from Sunday – right under your very nose. Learn the _____ biggest _____. They are not what you think. Chances are, you are_____this very moment by not knowing this critical information.

-How to “read” the signs of women who are dying to get you right now! (They think they’re being obvious, but I’ll bet you’re blind to the signals. Just learning this one secret how to “read” women — will boost your “romance potential” through the roof!)

-185 cool baby names

-Bad skin? Can’t lose weight? It’s not your fault — here’s why, page XX

-How to decide _____ for your _____. I’ll show you how I _____ in a _____ period with a _____than I would have done for _____ — with the same _____!

-The secret weight-loss spice

-How to avoid the really dumb mistakes most businesses (and nearly all ad agencies) make with their mail — and how to turn “loser” or marginal campaigns into blockbuster moneymakers!

-Broken bones — the new epidemic

-44 things kid should do before they grow up

-The very best way to feed your baby

-A smart way to protect yourself from rape

-What airlines won’t tell you

-How to find — without spending a red cent — the perfect magazines and newspapers (with the most rabid and eager to buy readers) to run your ads all over the world

-How the three basic elements on every successful (multimillion dollar) television infommercial can also be used to increase the profitability of your newspaper ads

-How to skillfully enter the _____of your _____ so that they will _____.

-How to make room in your life for _____. How to transform any _____or _____ into _____ in your life

-How to automatically _____day after day without even trying! THE best way to create _____on the internet month after month!

-How anyone can _____ to _____.

-Direct mail secret… how to legally mail sales letters, postcards, and various mailers without having to pay money for postage!

-The _____that will get you _____. _____quick and easy ways to get the word out about your


– How to _____, without _____ or _____. Using this _____, several entrepreneurs _____. And some of them didn’t even have _____!

-How to approach any guru – and know exactly what to say to get them to hand over their most prized products without ‘paying a dime’.

-How to secretly penetrate _____ and fill it with your _____

-Get the absolute most powerful form of _____you’ve ever discovered.

-A _____for earning _____ – _____more from _____ by _____!

-The most successful sales letter ever written (close to a billion copies have been mailed) and what you can learn from it to make millions of dollars selling cars.

-How to get _____ busting their guts trying to promote your _____.

-How To _____By _____

– Are your bones healthy? Know your risk

-How to Maximize Your Successful Submissions & Guarantee HORDES of Easy Traffic

– The _____ you MUST include in your _____to make certain folks don’t _____.

-The simple membership site salesletter formula anyone can use to create a salesletter that will get the job done.

-How to structure an irresistible offer. (A great offer with average copy will outsell a bad offer with great copy!)

-How To _____ Right Now With _____ Make ANY_____effortlessly become _____

-How to take _____ of _____just like the professionals do!

-Utilize an AMAZING secret that when used properly will result in _____.

-A unique strategy pioneered by a car dealer in New Zealand that is 10 times more effective than “expensive” billboard advertising… and 100 times cheaper!!!

-Discover how to _____(and why it will help you make breakthroughs you’ve never thought possible!) Get rid of _____, such as _____

-Harness the secret _____ for _____.

– We’ll reveal a group of people to contact whose connections have the potential to generate $10,000’s of dollars of business. It’s so obvious but hardly anyone ever thinks of it.

-How to guarantee your _____ gets noticed among the gazillion different _____ being offered on the Internet today!

-A system for expanding _____ day after day for _____, _____, and _____ Why most people are_____in their very own _____ and why it’s _____! Find out how you can avoid _____ and learn to work smarter, not harder!

-Learn the _____to manifesting _____

-Two “shoe-string budget” marketing strategies that allow you to “steal” once-faithful-clients from your biggest competitor. (These techniques are 100% legal… but just barely!)

-How to instil in your _____ a visceral need they can feel at the gut level – and create a desire for a resolution that only your _____ or _____ can satisfy

-How To Turn _____ Into _____

-_____And _____Your Way To _____ How to put your _____ on _____

-What “Marketing Incest” is, and how it is just as sickening to you as real incest!

-Find out _____, plus _____ others people who will want to _____ _____ Undercover techniques for discovering what your_____ REALLY want in a _____. Successfully _____ every _____ using a special _____

-After you are finished with the automated method you are only minutes away from making a steady flow of money every week.

– The _____ most popular types of joint venture deals. You probably haven’t even thought of some of these. Use _____ that will condition your prospects to persuade themselves to buy.

– Where to find qualified and targeted _____- and how to know exactly what they want from you. _____ kinds of articles that anyone can write, regardless of their writing experience or ability, beginning today! Seriously, anyone who can follow simple instructions can get these done right.

-How to turn any hotel room in any city into a “safe haven” where you can relax without fear!

-How to SUCCEED beyond your wildest dreams in bum marketing in five easy steps –

-We already talked about why _____ (or even being accused) is a recipe for disaster.

-How to evaluate a _____ candidate to make sure they can help you. The power of _____ and how you can get it now!

-The little-known secret to _____! This includes our _____ formula, a special _____, and the one thing you must _____ on the _____ that could make the difference between _____ or _____!

Plus, we reveal a secret way of _____ in _____ days or less! (Less than _____% of _____ even know about this secret tactic!)

-What to write on a cheap little postcard that will make people flood you with cash!

-The biggest mistakes almost every _____ makes and how it instantly KILLS any chances you had for


-How to create winning _____ in any business and create massive profits

-Get _____ _____ that will _____. These can be altered for any _____. The #1 key to _____…an absolute must for any _____…especially you!

-Learn the ultimate secret to _____– this is a diabolical principle of _____ that _____

-Get Extremely High Traffic Domain Names With This FREE Simple Tool Most Internet Millionaires Don’t Want You To Know About!

-How to stay extremely _____ at all times…no matter what!

-The #1 myth in _____ today…and how to protect your _____ by applying this strategy today!

-Use these amazing techniques with ANY _____. Small, medium or _____ – it doesn’t matter!

Whether you’re _____ or _____… these techniques will _____, that is absolutely guaranteed.

-Where to find _____, _____ and _____ for you to _____– this will get _____.

-Discover Tools And Step-By-Step Guides To Help You Find The Right Niches And Products In Only 120 Minutes Or LESS!

-9/10 membership site owners completely overlook.

-Automate your _____, building_____ in _____at _____! (This alone will save you hours of time and _____!)

-Effective use of _____for _____.

-A trick I learned at the Melbourne Cup that made me a little over $6000 in 2 months the very first time I put it to use.

-How to _____without _____.

-Discover the secret _____for _____.

-2 FREE services that can triple your profits.

-How to _____ with _____.Using _____to _____.

-Plus how to _____ to start _____ with _____.

– How to fail fast and win BIG. (One reason most people don’t succeed is simply they don’t fail fast enough.)

– The “parrot” rule and how it can help you succeed no matter how many times you’ve failed before.

-How to build_____ among _____ to keep them_____.

– How to quickly _____online!

-The TWO SECRETS everyone has to know before they can succeed as a bum marketer

-Where to get FREE insider information on bum marketing – These secrets are sure to send your profits skyrocketing!

-Find out how to _____. Discover _____ and _____that _____. How to _____and _____to your

advantage, just like _____. How to _____ and _____on every page. Techniques for _____, _____and _____.

-Discover Tools And Step-By-Step Guides To Help You Find The Right Niches And Products In Only 120 Minutes Or LESS!

-How to _____ without lifting a finger.

-How to become a magnet that attracts_____ who will trust you and _____ you.

-The 5 simple steps to a profitable membership site AND the order to do them in — most people are doing at least 1 of the steps in the complete wrong order and it severely hurts their chances of making any money.

-The best places to _____ and _____ — and _____. I’ll recommend my most _____ strategies and resources.

-How to immediately transform your _____ into a powerful _____– a _____ that consistently attracts _____ to your _____

-Leverage the high traffic streams of popular Yahoo sites and channel them right to your blog. It’ll be like funnelling water into your farmland without ever spending a cent!

-Turn readers of popular article directories into your number one raving fans. This crazy method is so simple that any ten-year-old kid can do it!

-What 1 thing you can do to unlock a massive flow of _____ from your _____. _____ system for_____ within you to bring in even more _____ into your _____.

-Discover the most important _____ that can give your business an unfair advantage. Use these to the hilt before your competitors catch -The brain-dead simple way to quickly expand your “one day” membership site without adding mind-numbing complexity.

-How to position _____ in the eyes of your_____ so that it will be virtually effortless for you to attract _____ – and there’ll be very little _____ on your part because _____ would have already been _____

-A brand new discovery (just approved by the FDA in February) which any man can use to instantly (and safely) boost his testosterone level! (Note: This will not only improve his sex life… but also… his overall health.)

-The two almost unknown secrets (one mental, one physical) men need to know to have rock-hard erections… at any age! (These are crucial secrets to improving a man’s sex life forever.)

-How to create instant _____ at the drop of a hat.

-How to use your _____ to _____ draw _____ like a powerful magnet

-Do you want to go back to school? If so there is a good chance the government will send you $352 every month to help you do just that.

-What both men AND women need to know about PMS… and… how this knowledge will solve almost all problems caused by PMS!

-The _____secrets that you can quickly and easily master to become _____.

-Learn how to saturate your _____with intense, emotion-provoking _____that _____

-Flirting secrets used by all women that 95% of men don’t even recognize… and… how a man’s life instantly gets ten times more exciting… when he does learn to recognize and understand these little known secrets!

-How to use a_____to place your _____in a trance, and force them to _____..and then let them

thank you for it!

-How to multiply _____exponentially via _____. It’s not nearly as difficult as you think. _____ not only makes it look easy, but also gives you simple, but surefire _____ to make _____.

-How to _____ from *passive* _____ who barely even try to _____.

-How to get into a deep, soul-pleasing rapport with your lover… and… stay there forever! (You will never feel alone again.)

-The only list anyone can trust about what really makes a man attractive to women! (Why can this list be trusted? Simply because… it was compiled by thousands of women.)

-How to get the exact name and address of thousands of people who would love to send you money! (See page XX)

-How to skilfully enter the _____of your _____ so that they will _____.

-The most important thing you should do before _____. Miss this _____and you’ll join the _____.

-The hidden truth about _____ and _____& how to effortlessly create _____

-How to take advantage of the highly-targeted traffic from_____! (I don’t even bother _____anymore. It’s too much work! I’ll show you an easier way to_____!)

-How to _____with ZERO _____ – no _____, no _____, no _____, no _____ at all.

-The startling truth about _____ … and the inside information you must know before you embark on any _____ campaign

-9/10 membership site owners completely overlook.

-The brain-dead simple way to quickly expand your “one day” membership site without adding mind numbing complexity.

-Master _____ emotional triggers that will arouse your _____ inner _____ .

-How to dazzle people with hypnotic _____that make them _____

-The “20 minute secret” that can turn your sex life around immediately! (It’s so simple; you’ll kick yourself for not having thought of it.)

-Seven “very specific” secrets a man can use to take a woman completely “over the top” and… why, with this fabulous sexual technique… some women will literally “blackout” (safely)… from pure sexual pleasure!

-Learn the ultimate secret to controlling the public mind – this is a diabolical principle of _____that creates _____ outside of human perception

– You’ve got a BIG _____staring you right in the face inside your _____…learn what it is and _____ ways to use it!

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